Strategies To Get To
The General Public

3V supports each individual project in a personalized way, designing tailored strategies aimed not only at the objective result, but mainly at creating a competitive advantage and reinforcing the positioning of the artist.

To achieve your dreams and make the general public listen to you it is necessary to correctly develop all the activities related to your position as an artist: distribution, editions, content, video and music production. Online and offline advertising activities are just some of the areas to pay attention to.
Contact us today and let's start ascending the world charts together!

Identifying up-and-coming talents, new markets and musical trends has always been in 3V 's DNA.

We spread your music on all streaming platforms in the world and, thanks to our proprietary technologies, we offer you guaranteed and quality visibility. You can count on a network of highly competent professionals and, through our Partners, you will be correctly positioned on the Digital Stores and in Spotify playlists. There are literally thousands of opportunities waiting for you!

Contents & More

Working with 3V also means getting access to the best creators. We differ in the design and creation of successful content with a high research volume.

We offer you a world of opportunities to express your creativity and excite your fanbase: from artwork to video clips and shoots, from Instagram filters and projects in Augmented Reality through dynamic QR-codes. Tell us about your project and we will help you make it known in the best way.