Shiva, Eiffel 65

15 M

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place in top 50 World

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place in top 50 and 100 Italy

Shiva, a 20-year-old rapper from Milan, published this song after the release of other successful singles, namely:
“Soldi In Nero ft Sfera Ebbasta” that climbed the rankings all the way to the top of the “Itay Top 50” on the first day, “Non Sto Più In Zona” single that have seen the participation of Pyrex that reached 9 million streams, “Bossoli” that obtained 20 million streams and the Golden Record certification, and “Mon Fre” with the participation of Emis Killa that reached 23 million streams and the Platinum Record certification.

3V supported the project by implementing a cross-platform advertising strategy with the aim of putting pressure on the release of the song first on Spotify and then on Youtube. Our 3V direct-link conversion technology was fundamental for this operation.
In a few hours the song came out on top of the “Italy Top 50” rank of the Spotify charts and then entered the “Top 50 Global” rank at the 48th place.

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record in Italy


Album in the FIMI rank (Italian Music Industry Federation)

J-Ax is a beloved Italian rapper widely regarded as one of the most influential figures of the Italian rap scene since his early debut with ‘Articolo 31’. After 5 years from "Il Bello D’Esser Brutti”, he decided to come back with the new album “ReAle”.
Several artists have participated to the creation of this album that has been long-awaited by the fans, names such as: Enrico Ruggeri author and songwriter, rapper Jake la Furia ex-member of Club Dogo and Max Pezzali iconic artist of the Italian music history.
Additionally, the album has collaborated with Il Cile, Sergio Sylvestre and Paola Turci. Other artists to add to this long list are Il Pagante, Annalisa, Luca Di Stefano, Boomdabash and Chadia Rodriguez.
The collaboration between 3V and J-Ax was born close to the release of his most awaited album, thus requiring a complex strategy with very tight deadlines.
In 10 days exceptional results were achieved 2.6M engagements from the contents.
The album came out on top in the FIMI ranking, obtaining the Gold Record certification and winning the nomination for best-selling record in Italy.

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Francesco Gabbani

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28 M

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Singer and songwriter from Carrara, he started making music in his childhood.
The first great satisfaction came in 2016 with Amen, the winning song of the Sanremo Festival under the ‘New proposals’ category.
In 2017 Francesco Gabbani won the 67th edition of the Sanremo Festival, with the single ‘Occidentali’s Karma’.

2020, 70th edition of the Sanremo Festival.

3V Agency helped the Italian singer to tell a new great story, using all the potential offered by a customized cross-platform digital strategy able to guarantee visibility in the most performing way. We reached over 10% of the entire Italian population on Social Media in a few days, thanks to the creation of viral contents and the optimization carried out.
The reaction was stunning: more than 1 person out of 4 interacted with the contents of Gabbani. Over 1 million social engagements and 28 million YouTube views were achieved shortly after the release, once again confirming how much Francesco Gabbani is appreciated as an artist by Italians.
Today Viceversa is the most viewed video among the songs that competed at the Sanremo Festival. The song quickly climbed the rankings and took the second place on the podium of the 70th edition of the Sanremo Festival. On March the 2nd, Gabbani's song "Viceversa" was certified as Gold record by FIMI.

Sanremo Festival


Start Tour - Live Stadiums 2019 - Ligabue


Luciano Ligabue needs no introduction. Singer, author, director and writer, he has fascinated millions of Italians with his music and lyrics for generations. Ligabue is widely regarded as the highest artistic figure embodying Italian Rock.
In 2019 he decided to return to the main Italian stadiums with the long-awaited Start Tour, that saw Bari as the first date.

3V supported the project with the aim of promoting and generating the highest visibility on the first date of the ‘Start Tour’.
We organized a geo-located Facebook and Instagram campaign around the entire city of Bari and its province to be able to reach all the users and lead them to the rocker’s Live.
In just 6 days the reached users were over 400,000, generating more than 65,000 engagements. ‘Start’ achieved the long-awaited FIMI certifications as a Platinum Record.

Live Tour


Truman Show


The release date of Shade’s new album “Truman", coincided with the start of his in-store tour, small gigs where he would also spend time to personally meet his fans around Italy.
The album is full of featuring with colleagues from the Italian and international music scene, namely: J-Ax, Nitro, Federica Carta, Bouchra, Grido and Emma Muscat.
A very successful album that includes the tracks: "Irraggiungibile” 5 times Platinum Record, "Bene Ma Non Benissimo" 2 times Platinum Record and "Love Al Primo Insta" that obtained the Gold Record.

3V Agency’s role was to stimulate the audience’s interest throughout Italy with a capillary advertising activity in the cities that hosted the in-store.
Thousands of fans interacted with the contents and with the artist, following him and showing up in the in-store. A tour that positively marked the rise of Shade's success.